Monday, February 25, 2013

Saturday in Dnipropetrovsk

Last Saturday was a busy day for me. First thing in the  morning I took the bus into the city to participate in a seminar for Ukrainain English teachers at the Mining University in Dnipropetrovsk. One of my Peace Corps colleagues (Sam Sachs) put together the seminar with the help of PCV Peter Moore. There were 4 presenters and we all took turns explaining the "Communicative Method" of section was based on the "listening" aspect of this method. Brendon, Kip, and Peter, all PCV's, participated and I have to say I was pretty impressed. There was a good turnout of teachers (18) and everyone seemed to get something from the seminar. I actually learned a few new trick myself! After the seminar, I met my book club at a nearby cafe where we spent a two enjoyable hours letting our hair down. We drank tea and coffee and had lots of snacks and played charades which was really fun. I haven't played this game in years!

PCV's and some of the teachers who came to the seminar.

Me and Nik

Beautiful Natasha and Irina

Yaroslav, Alex, Thomas, Dima, me, Natasha, Irina, Veronica, and Nik

Veronica, Natasha, and Irina
Trying to act out "Spongebob"

Spongebob is "square"

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